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We’ve given Dallas a starting point value of -124. Every week or so, we’ll try out something new and report back. If Dallas sucks even a smidge less as a result of our outing, we’ll give the Big D some points back. But if it sucks or the city does something particularly heinous, Dallas will sink further into negative territory. Can Dallas break even before we escape?

Friday, April 23, 2010


Aimless here. I'm heading to Houston this weekend, and was reminded of the last trip I made there. I was feeling particularly bitter about Dallas that day as I was driving through Houston. I have a guilty pleasure once I get there, which is the radio station 97.1 Country Legends. That's right, I said Country Legends. I am from Texas, and I did go through a country phase in my youth (but the good stuff mind you, not the new fangled country that's on the radio these days). This station plays awesome/epic music, like this song, this song, and this one that reminds me of my Mom and Dumb and Dumber. Yes, I actually did hear all of these songs in a matter of 20 minutes on my most recent trip.

I immediately decided that Dallas needed to lose points for not having a station that played good, legendary country music. Then it hit me. Dallas actually has a legit radio station that surpasses all of the Houston stations. In November, 91.7 KXT was born - Dallas's public music radio station. They play fantastic music and have great radio programs. I listen to it most days, and have heard songs like this one, this one and this one. Greatness.

Dallas, it's finally time you were recognized for an actually cool thing. +15 points!!


  1. http://www.knon.org/texasrenegade

    I've been enamored with this radio station for a long time. I think Dallas gets another +10.

  2. Aimless--thanks for the heads up of 91.7. When I lived in Pittsburgh I was addicted to their public music radio station 93.3 WYEP (still stream it on my iTunes nearly daily). Glad to know that Dallas has one now, too.