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We’ve given Dallas a starting point value of -124. Every week or so, we’ll try out something new and report back. If Dallas sucks even a smidge less as a result of our outing, we’ll give the Big D some points back. But if it sucks or the city does something particularly heinous, Dallas will sink further into negative territory. Can Dallas break even before we escape?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturday, April 17th, was Record Store Day, and Good Records held quite a bash in celebration of that and their 10th anniversary. In addition to the special releases that bands put out for Record Store Day, they had a line-up of bands playing all day, BBQ, and free beer. Gem and I saw a few bands play, and had a side chat with one of our fave rhyme masters, Astronautalis.

Yes, his finger has a tattoo of the word "mustache."

It was a nice day full of good people, good music, and free beer. Dallas, finally you pulled off a much needed success. +15 points!!

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