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Here's the game:

We’ve given Dallas a starting point value of -124. Every week or so, we’ll try out something new and report back. If Dallas sucks even a smidge less as a result of our outing, we’ll give the Big D some points back. But if it sucks or the city does something particularly heinous, Dallas will sink further into negative territory. Can Dallas break even before we escape?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I might be out of town for a month but Dallas still haunts my netflix page.


Honestly, I don't know WTF to make of this. Thoughts?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Movie Night at Good Records

Aimless here. I've been extremely busy with work and vacationing. What can I say, it's the summer! That doesn't mean that I've been stagnant - there are about 5 things I want to write about, and have selected to start with this one.

Good Records has started showing music themed movies on Monday's. They also happen to have free beer, courtesy of Lone Star, and free popcorn for your digestive pleasure. Gem and I ate some delicious pho at Mai's (although not as good as the Mai's in Houston, still a delicious eat), then headed to Good Records to watch the movie DiG!, which chronicles the music careers of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and their relationship with The Dandy Warhols.

The movie was interesting and quite funny (the main guy from the Brian Jonestown Massacre is "a little" off his rocker, even if he is musical genius). The setting was perfect, the crowd small, but all there to enjoy the movie, and for the first time I went into Good Records and didn't actually spend any money (although I came really close). Everything about it was fantastic.

Good job Dallas! A night of delicious food, good movie, free beer and a good crowd - I award you +10 points.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Have we really not posted since April? We're sorry, fellow Malicians. We wish we had a better excuse than We've Been Obnoxiously Busy, but really, that's it. Between law finals and jetting across the country keeping the world of advertising afloat, Aimless and I are a little tired. And there's more jet-setting to be done!

So, bear with us for a few months and we'll check in occasionally, Dallas or not. First up, our jaunt to Houston last weekend for some Neil Young, a No Pants Dance Party, and the Free Press Music Fest. Here's a preview to get you excited:


See, don't we look tired? Or maybe just hot, it was brutal heat. Or maybe like we'd cut a bitch. Whatever, it's all true.

Stay tuned! The Houston review will be up soon, with posts from Toronto and New York City to follow over the summer. And of course, more Dallas antics.

Your fearless writers: Gem and Aimless

Friday, April 23, 2010


Aimless here. I'm heading to Houston this weekend, and was reminded of the last trip I made there. I was feeling particularly bitter about Dallas that day as I was driving through Houston. I have a guilty pleasure once I get there, which is the radio station 97.1 Country Legends. That's right, I said Country Legends. I am from Texas, and I did go through a country phase in my youth (but the good stuff mind you, not the new fangled country that's on the radio these days). This station plays awesome/epic music, like this song, this song, and this one that reminds me of my Mom and Dumb and Dumber. Yes, I actually did hear all of these songs in a matter of 20 minutes on my most recent trip.

I immediately decided that Dallas needed to lose points for not having a station that played good, legendary country music. Then it hit me. Dallas actually has a legit radio station that surpasses all of the Houston stations. In November, 91.7 KXT was born - Dallas's public music radio station. They play fantastic music and have great radio programs. I listen to it most days, and have heard songs like this one, this one and this one. Greatness.

Dallas, it's finally time you were recognized for an actually cool thing. +15 points!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturday, April 17th, was Record Store Day, and Good Records held quite a bash in celebration of that and their 10th anniversary. In addition to the special releases that bands put out for Record Store Day, they had a line-up of bands playing all day, BBQ, and free beer. Gem and I saw a few bands play, and had a side chat with one of our fave rhyme masters, Astronautalis.

Yes, his finger has a tattoo of the word "mustache."

It was a nice day full of good people, good music, and free beer. Dallas, finally you pulled off a much needed success. +15 points!!


On Thursday, word got to me that Big Boi from Outkast and Girl Talk were going to play a free show at the SMU campus. I thought that it sounded too good to be true, and if it did happen, would be overcrowded with the typical SMU frat guys and sorority girls. Much to my surprise, I got a message from my friend saying that it was actually happening, and not crowded at all. I quickly grabbed a few friends and headed that way. Unfortunately, we walked up right as Big Boi finished, but we made it in time to watch the main act. A minute later, a girl came on stage and announced, "Sorry, I have a little bad news. We've been shut down." After a few chants of "Bull Shit" and frequent booing, we soon came to realize that, in fact, he wasn't going to play at all. They had placed the venue on campus in a place that was close enough to a neighborhood, and had received numerous noise complaints (later reports surfaced saying there were about 30). I stuck around a little longer to see if there would be any riots, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

We decided to cap off the night with a few beers at Trinity. On the way, we ran into some people that said they heard Girl Talk was going to play at Deux since he didn't get to play at SMU. Deux is a bar that fulfills everything you would expect from a one syllable night club - full of Jersey Shore types ordering a plethora of Jagerbombs. After some skepticism, we asked the guy working the front door. He said he didn't know anything about it, but then a manager walked out and said that yes, indeed Girl Talk was playing, but not until midnight. I have to work, so I knew I wasn't going to make it. A few of my friends did stay, and I asked for a full report. They stayed until midnight, and Girl Talk never came on. Apparently, the manager had heard the rumors and had decided to confirm them to gain the business. Girl Talk later tweeted, "I don't know what deux is, I never told anyone I was playing there, fuck anyone who said I was."

Dallas, you get some points for actually being able to negotiate and get Big Boi and Girl Talk to play a free show on your campus, but of course you couldn't pull it off. Once again you made an epic fail out of the entire situation, and continued to make it worse by reinforcing untrue rumors. Get your shit together! -20 points.