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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Movie Night at Good Records

Aimless here. I've been extremely busy with work and vacationing. What can I say, it's the summer! That doesn't mean that I've been stagnant - there are about 5 things I want to write about, and have selected to start with this one.

Good Records has started showing music themed movies on Monday's. They also happen to have free beer, courtesy of Lone Star, and free popcorn for your digestive pleasure. Gem and I ate some delicious pho at Mai's (although not as good as the Mai's in Houston, still a delicious eat), then headed to Good Records to watch the movie DiG!, which chronicles the music careers of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and their relationship with The Dandy Warhols.

The movie was interesting and quite funny (the main guy from the Brian Jonestown Massacre is "a little" off his rocker, even if he is musical genius). The setting was perfect, the crowd small, but all there to enjoy the movie, and for the first time I went into Good Records and didn't actually spend any money (although I came really close). Everything about it was fantastic.

Good job Dallas! A night of delicious food, good movie, free beer and a good crowd - I award you +10 points.

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