Dallas' Current Score


Here's the game:

We’ve given Dallas a starting point value of -124. Every week or so, we’ll try out something new and report back. If Dallas sucks even a smidge less as a result of our outing, we’ll give the Big D some points back. But if it sucks or the city does something particularly heinous, Dallas will sink further into negative territory. Can Dallas break even before we escape?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I might be out of town for a month but Dallas still haunts my netflix page.


Honestly, I don't know WTF to make of this. Thoughts?


  1. Here's why - from the first post:

    By our calculations, Dallas has us in its shiny, expensive, Botox-injected grip for approximately 124 more weeks. Not that we’re counting. In the meantime, your fair-minded writers are willing to give Dallas a last ditch shot at redemption. Here’s the game: we’ve given Dallas a point value of -124.

  2. Thanks, Autumn! And seriously, WTF is up with Dallas' netflix...